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Mile Stone
It is well said that a picture is equal to 1000 words. The concept of teaching by audio – visual technique includes colourful pictures to teach tough subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science etc.  “HEBRON” is the first school in Maninagar to introduce the concept of teaching by audio – visual technique. Researches have proved that if a subject is taught using audio – visual technique, it is easy for the students to remember the topic because they can see the pictures as well as listen to the teacher. It is also used for staff meetings & conferences.
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It is the Wireless Internet Facility. As we all know that “World is becoming smaller. “ It is only possible because of Internet. The latest technology to setup Internet is WiFi. Our school has been installed with the Wireless Internet System, so that Internet can be accessed from any part of the school.
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“Hebron” is the pioneer of education. With all the curricular activities we also pay attention to studies. Regular Weekly test are taken and results of all the examination conducted by the school are given individually to their parents. In the by gone years we have always preserved to achieve the goal. As of the now, we are striving to attain higher and higher standards set by none other than ourselves. We believe in raising the bar for getting nothing else but self satisfaction. We at “Hebron” have attained 100% board results for both S.S.C.E & H.S.C.E. Since the last two decades. That proves and emphasis the fact that we strive for excellence.
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