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Principal's Note
"Hebron" is a science stream school, from Creche to 12th science and the principal of the school is
Mr. Jeyaraj that is myself. I set high standards for myself and my staff to follow and they are :-
To teach my students is my hobby.
I always prepare well before teaching my students.
I am always friendly with my students.
I want them to do regular follow up work.
I want them to very attentive while I am teaching.
I always co-relate an interesting situation while I teach my unit.
I want my students to use library, laboratory, atlas, dictionary, other teaching/learning aids.
I wish that they keep aware of day to day developments of India and the world.
"Hebron" - according to "The Bible" means "shelter" and how true it is, I feel. We at "Hebron" provide a learning shelter for the students and teaching shelter for the teachers. All in all providing a total environment for the overall and total growth of a child.
I feel, that there are seven things what parents need to abide by :-
Not to be an improver, not to mix praise and criticism and avoid immediate feedback.
Never tease your child.
Don't continually deny their feelings, acknowledge disappointment of your child with respect.
Not to praise your child so much that he / she stops believing in you, praise with honesty.
Don't give false threats, try replacing threat with a promise.
Show love in action, don't hide.
Give a pat, a gift, an outing or a note of praise, give an account - take notice.
Apart from these principles that we follow, there is a lot of attention diverted towards the progress and development of the teachers. To see that there is a development from a teacher's side, there is a program in the school which we call "book review". In turns, every month, one teacher has to present a "book review" in the staff meeting that we have every last working day of the month. There is a proper record of the "book review" so that it is available for reference whenever wanted by the staff. Such an activity enables the teachers to interact and keep in touch with the outside world.