The School is situated to the east of Maninagar Railway Station.It is an English Medium Primary and Higher Secondary School, especially established for the benefit of residents of the East Maninagar area. The School is managed by the Hebron Education Trust.

The School was established in the year 1966 and has now Nursery, K G. and Standards I to XII. The School is conducted under the supervision of the management and the Principal and it aims at making your child earnest, industrious, unselfish, resourceful, God fearing, just and fair in every dealing, preserving the God given joy of a sinless heart to be shared with others.
The parents - guardians are requested to read carefully the rules and sign them, howing their approval and acceptance. Attention is specially drawn to the rules connected with discipline, attendance, examinations and payment of fees. Parents are expected to accept the decision of the School authorities regarding a promotions and other related matters as final. We need your co-operation to build up your child.