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Rules & Regulations
  › School Timings
Morning Shift : Summer Time : 7.15 am to 12.35 pm
  : Winter Time : 7.25 am to 12.55 pm
Noon Shift : Summer Time : 12.45 pm to 5.15 pm
  : Winter Time : 12.45 pm to 5.30 pm
  › Uniform
Girls :
Light Blue Shirt, Beige Devider (Skirt) Self Woven Tie and Belt, Black Shoes, Blue & Beige Socks
Boys :
Light Blue Shirt, Beige Pant Alongwith Self Woven Tie and Belt, Black Shoes and Blue & Beige Socks.
In Winters Sweaters Brigt Red or Navy Blue.
  › Sports Uniform : (Std. I to VII)
Girls : White Skirt & T-Shirt, White Socks and Sport Shoes
Boys : White Shorts / Pants & T-Shirt, White Socks and Sport Shoes
  › Sports Uniform : (Std. VIII to XIII)
Girls : White Skirt & T-Shirt, White Socks and Sport Shoes
Boys : White Pants & T-Shirt, White Socks and Sport Shoes
  › Rules for Paying up the fees
Fees is to be paid monthly in advance before 10th of that month. Those who do not pay their due fees in time will not be allowed to appear for the examination unless prior permission to pay later is applied for in writing by the parent concerned.
The School calendar should always be produced while paying the fees. Parents are requested to verify the entry in the calendar after payment.
Full fees is to be paid even if the pupil remains absent for the whole month.
Pupils of the lower classes should not be entrusted with the payment of the fees.
Fees for the month of May is to be paid in advance in April. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  › Rules & Discipline
A pupil has to be present in School regularly during School hours. For remaining absent due to some legitimate cause, Principal's permission is to be obtained in advance.
Any pupil who has not obtained the previous sanction of the Principal for remaining absent has to present himself on the day he attends the school with parent's note or with parent himself / herself.
The parents will be informed if the ward remains absent for three consecutive days. Yet, the regular absentee's name is liable to be cancelled the next week.
If a ward remains absent due to some sickness, the parent has to inform the School authorities about it. The parent has also to produce Doctor's certificate regarding the sickness. While joining the School, a fitness certificate from a qualified doctor has to be produced.
A pupil has to bring daily with him, approved text books, notebooks, compass box, colour box, atlas journals, graph book and daily diary. Any one continuously violating these rules is liable to be dismissed from the School.
The following activities, either in the class or in the School premises, are prohibited...
To chit chat, to look out during lectures, to loiter, spoil other pupils' clothes, damage the School furniture, apparatus and walls, to shout and utter vulgar phrases, to whistle, to write vulgarity on walls, to run here and there with a view to playing mischief etc.
Under unavoidable circumstances if the timing is changed the pupils will be informed about it and they shall be bound to follow the changed timing.
A pupil has to remain present in the School premises ten minutes before the actual working starts.
A student coming late will be marked P.L. (Present but late) in the class register and any pupil coming late for three times during the month is liable to be removed from the School or fined.
To attend each and every period is compulsory.
During the free period, the pupil, instead of going outside the premises has to sit and read in the library or any allotted place doing his regular work.
If an occasion arises that the pupil has to go earlier than the scheduled leaving time he has to produce a note from his parent and then after obtaining oral permission from the class teacher, the pupil can go home early.
To bring the I-Card to the school is compulsory.
School lessons, work assigned in connection with co-curricular activities, home work, written work, recitational work, map work and laboratory work are compulsory.
It is compulsory to attend physical education periods. If a pupil due to some physical disability are not able to attend them, then he/she has to produce a medical certificate from a qualified doctor. After receiving such a certificate the pupil will be exempted from the P.E. periods. But if any other work is allotted to him, he is duty bound to do it during the P.E. period.
  › Monitor
All pupils will be under the direct control of the monitor appointed in the School.
During the absence of the teacher he/she will maintain silence and discipline.
He/she can engage pupils in academic activities with the help of clever pupils.
He/she may also direct pupils to do writing work, if any.
He may bring books from the library and give them to pupils. Under no circumstances he/she shall  allow any pupil to leave the class.
The monitor will be appointed by the class-teacher.
  › Uniform
Except on the fixed day, wearing of school uniform (with badge and other things) is compulsory.
  › Damage to the School property
The parent shall be responsible for the damage done by his/her ward and he/she has to compensate    the losses caused, according to the decision by the management and the Principal.
  › Behaviour in the School
A pupil has to behave with his/her classmates in a spirit of co-operation, tolerance and comradeship.
A student has to respect the school teachers and shall have to obey their instructions.
No pupil will be allowed to enter the school with lethal weapons. If a pupil is found in possession of a harmful weapon he/she would be suspended.
A quarrelsome pupil will be dismissed from the School without assigning any reasons.
  › Behaviour outside the School
No behaviour causing disrepute to the School, even outside the school premises, will be  tolerated.
No pupil will help organizations carrying on destructive activities. He cannot help directly or indirectly such persons or institutions.
  › Malpractice during examinations
No malpractice should be effected or should be aided. A pupil who is found guilty of breaking this rule    shall not be allowed to appear in the subject, if he/she is found guilty and in the subsequent    examination.
  › Rules to be followed by the Parents / Guardians
The parents have to see that their ward is sent to School in clean and proper uniform.
Parents should not send their wards with costly articles to the school. The school shall bear no responsibility in case such a costly thing is lost or stolen. The pupil shall be responsible for his personal and private articles.
If a student would be suffering from any contagious disease during examinations, the parent should submit a medical report. Re-examination would be declared later.
Accidents during experiments, accidents due to monkey tricks with electric supply, accidents during tours & picnics, accident on the playground, accidents due to damage to the building, shall not be the responsibility of the School or the School management.
During School's academic work, co-curricular activities or changes in time if any accident is caused to the pupil outside the school premises neither the management nor the school shall be held responsible.
Before fixing a private tuition for any pupil, previous sanction of the Principal is absolutely necessary.
A pupil suffering from contagious disease will not be admitted in the school.
A parent has to submit his specimen signature to the school. Only that signature will be taken as valid in case leave note is sent.
Monthly reports, examination results, presence in the school and medical report should be obtained from one's ward and should be signed to be returned to the school. In case such an information is not given by the ward to the parent, he/she should contact the school authorities. He/she shall have to undertake a reform programme for hislher ward. A parent refusing to co-operate in such an activity, is liable to lose admission of his/her ward from the school.
In case of damage to the class room and school property, the cost will be collected from the parent of the pupil causing such a damage.
If the defaulter causing damage to the property is not caught, the damage shall be recovered from the entire class.
A parent, who has accepted to follow the rules of the school, shall have to co-operate in activities of the school. A parent violating these rules and who shows a quarrelsome attitude shall have to take away his/her ward from the school. If he/she fails to do it willingly then the ward will be rusticated from the school by the authorities.
Subjects fixed for public examination by the school will not be changed under any ircumstances.
Complaints from son/daughter/ward should be brought before the Principal. No other teacher should be contacted in this respect unless the parents are allowed to establish such a contact by the authorities.
For getting information regarding the school leaving certificate, birth date or any other information from the school register, a fee of Re. 1/- shall have to be paid by the parent.
To obtain the school leaving certificate, parents have to submit a written application at least 24 hours in advance.
The school leaving certificate shall be issued within seven days from the date of receiving the application.
If there are dues to be recovered from the pupil who has left the school, unless those dues are paid, no leaving certificate will be issued.
Any parent asking for a duplicate leaving certificate shall have to submit in writing the details about the lost original certificate and the circumstances responsible for the loss. If such an explanation is not deemed satisfactory, the parent has to obtain an affidavit from the court with magistrate's signature.
Examinations conducted by the school, and other tests are compulsory for the pupil. Under special circumstances the parent has to apply giving satisfactory or legitimate reasons for such an absence during the exam/test.
Sudden illness during the school hours or outside the school premises, under no circumstances shall be deemed as school's responsibility.
If a pupil is either reported or found to be a drug addict or found to be in possession of drugs he/she is liable to be dismissed.
I have read, understood, all the rules and I / my son / daughter / ward promises to follow them in letter and spirit. They have been very clearly explained to me by the authorities.
  › Study at home and Parents' co-operation
Parents will surely agree that a good amount of serious reading at home is required for success. They, therefore, will see that their child reads at least for two hours at home every day.

Pupil's Progress Report will be given in the School Calendar every month. Parents are expected to read those reports and the examination result also. They should form the habit of discussing the problems of their child with the Principal occasionally by taking prior appointment The staff should be contacted, if necessary, during off period or after school hours.