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The Primary Section consists of seven classes from Std I to Std VII. The children complete their Nursery, and KG. Classes and enter the primary school at the age of about five.

The primary objective of this section is to impart quality education and shapes up the personality of the individuals by incuIcating discipline and good habits.

In this context gceat emphasis is laid on the hand - writing of the children and utmost care is taken in this aspect. Students are also taught to maintain a daily dairy wherein important activities like homework and important information are noted.

Discipline as an important aspect of life is impressed upon the young's mind as this is the key to success in the chosen field.

English, Environment Study, English General and Mathematics form the subjects of in standards 1st and 2nd . The subject Gujarati as a lower level is introduced at the 3rd and is corninued right upto the high school. Hindi which is the other lower level language is introduced in Std V. Other subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, Socia.l Siudies form the curriculum for students of Std V, VI, VII.

In order that the children develop other skills to have well rounded personality, the teachers initiate the students from the lower classes into various activities like debates, G.K., Quiz and other Science fairs.

This section not only deals with the intelligent quotient of the children but also the emotional quotient (E.Q) and also the mental quotient (M.Q) which is the need of the 21st century. For this the institute has psychologically trained and enthusiastic teaehers.

Due to the school management structured and planned implementation of all these activities, the students are ready to enter high School as capable and confident youngsters to shape up their future and .achieve their career goals.
In Secondary Section i.e. Std VIII and IX English (Higher level) is the main compulsory language subject. The other languages taught are Hindi and Gujarati which are of lower level. In standard VIII, Sanskrit is also introduced. Being a science stream institution, more emphasis is given to Maths and Science. Maths, Science and Social Studies are the other compulsory subjects. For the all round develapment of a student, Physical exercise and Drawing are taken as a subject. Once a week, Mass - DriII is done. In SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Wnrk) , the studerns are taught ta make articles out waste products e.g. Colour on the tiles; Doll out of left over wool thread, Decorative tlower out of X - ray film.

In Std X, English of Higher level is the main compulsory subject. The other compulsory subjects are Maths, Science and Social Studies. There is option between Hindi and Gujarati (Lower level) in Language. The other optional subjects are Physical Education, Sanskrit and Type.

In Std VIII and IX, D . D. book is maintained to see that the students are regular in their home - work. Parent - Teacher meeting record is duly maintained.
Our Higher Secondary Section ( Science Stream) inspires our students to develop the scientific temper and the skills for research oriented work.
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the compulsory science subjects taught according to the syllabus of Gujarat State Board of School Text books.
Our school (Higher level) curriculum includes English as the first language, Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarati as the optional languages.
Each topic of Physics, Chemistry and Biology is demonstrated by the experirnents in 3 well equipped laboratories.
Each subject is taught by the well qualified, experienced teachers.
The students are often exa.mined by the unit tests.
Our teachers prepare the students to write the Board examinations systematically to enable them to score good marks.
Our school library gives the students to read the library books to enrich their knowledge, and prepare the term papers, assignment works, charts etc.
In short our school provides the chances for the students to develop as the young scientists , Engineers and doctors by arranging the study tours , science fairs , Debate and Quiz etc
From academic year 2004 - 05, Hebron starts General Stream ( Arts & Commerce ) self - financed.